Buying the right Jewellery for your Wedding

Choosing the jewellery to wear on your wedding day is a very important decision for a bride-to be to make and this is dependant on the following factors:

  • The bridal wedding dress: It is important that the jewellery complements the bridal dress so that the dress stands out and is not overwhelmed by the jewellery. Also the decorations on the dress like rhinestones, glitter, and other stones could be quite intense on some dresses and it will be wise to use minimal jewellery like a beautiful white gold or gold neck chain with a beautiful dropping pendant and small earrings to complement the dress
  • The shape of the dress is also very important when choosing the right jewellery that would enhance and complement the dress. If your dress has a high neck and long sleeves, then it might be better to use a simple neck chain with a pendant and you can wear beautiful dropping earrings to highlight your facial features. You can also wear a beautiful and well adorned Tiara to complement your high necked wedding dress.
  • Another consideration is the type of head dress, tiara and veil that you wear. Many tiaras have lots of ornaments, rhinestones, pearls and other stones and so choosing the jewellery¬† to wear could be very simple like a white or cream pearl necklace or you could have a lovely short necklace with a simple pendant,
  • The neckline of your wedding dress is also important in choosing the type of jewellery that you wear with the dress. If you have a low V-necked dress or a rounded low neck line dress then it is often great to wear either short round double or tripple pearls or you could wear a beautiful rich necklace that may be of 2 levels and with a beautiful medium or large pendant made of rhinestones, or white gold or natural gold colour.
  • Your personal style and preferences also impact the type of jewellery you choose to wear on your wedding day. If you have a bold and loud personality and always want to stand out and be the centre of attention at parties and events then using very bold and glittering jewellery will help achieve your purpose. You can use beautiful gold or silver necklaces with glittering tiaras made of rhinestones and silver sparklers.

From the above, to choose the right jewellery requires careful thought process and planning the right place to get the right jewellery. You can visit many of the big high streets shops and look at hundreds of Jewellery to choose the right one for you but this would involve a lot of your time and great expenses.

Alternatively, you can sit in the comfort of your living room and log on to an online jewellery and accessories website where you can get all the beautiful and high quality accessories that you need for your special day. Why not visit to get the best necklace, earrings, tiaras, pearls, veils and other accessories that you need for your special day.

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