Wedding Photographs and Videos

How do you capture all that happens on your wedding day? Do you get a professional photographer to help capture all the activities that happen on your wedding day from the time you start getting ready for your special day to the end of the day? These are all decisions that the bride and groom have to make to ensure that they capture all the important moments on their special day.

Hiring a photographer for your special day can be quite a tricky decision because if you have not used the photographer before, it is often difficult to determine how good they are. It is often a good idea to hire a good photographer from the recommendation of family and friends who have used them before and can vouch for the quality of their photographs on big occasions.

Setting the price to pay for photography on your wedding day can vary depending on whether you can negotiate a good deal. Many professional photographers often have fixed prices that they charge for all the photographs and the videos they take on the wedding day and there is often very small room for negotiation. However you could have different combination of offers for the number of pictures and albums to be provided and the presentation of the photographs and videos to the bride and groom.

Some brides contract the photography for their wedding day to either their close friend or family member who does photography as a hobby but often not very professional. This decision to use a friend or family member for this really important occasion can often be a mistake and may result in poor quality photographs especially if the person is not a professional or an experienced photographer. This can often cause major falling out between friends or family members if the photography is poorly done and keys aspects of the day are missed out of the photography.

This is a very important and special day and so it requires a careful and meticulous professional photographer to be able to capture all the important details and moments that make up your special day. The photographer arrives early and starts videoing all the activities of the bride as she does her hair, her makeup and putting on her dress and all the other accessories that she will wear on the special day.

The photographer also tries to capture the interactions between the bridal team i.e. the bridesmaids and flower girls. Also the interactions between very close family members and especially the interactions with the chief bridesmaid, the father and mother of the bride.

Taking photographs of the bridal limousine and bridal team cars are also important to capture the moments when they all leave the house and arrive at the church for the wedding or the venue for the wedding ceremony. The photographer has to really be able to use his photographs and videos to tell an accurate story of all the important moments of your special day.

Some churches ban taking photographs during the religious wedding ceremony until the end of the ceremony when the married could are signing the marriage registry. However you get the exception in some churches where only one professional photographer that has been chosen by the bride and groom will be allowed to take the photographs during the ceremony. In civil ceremonies, the photographers are often not restricted from taking pictures during the ceremony.

Most photographers also have to take the photographs of the reception after the wedding ceremony and make sure that they capture all the different guests that attend the wedding breakfast reception. They are often particular about taking the pictures of the cutting of the cakes by the bride and groom and videoing all the speeches that are made during the ceremony especially the best man’s speech and the father of the bride’s speech and the groom’s response speech.

The photographers also have to try and capture the activities at the after wedding party and although this is often a more casual affair, there is often a lot happening when the bride and groom and their guests have had a lot to drink. Good photographers often capture activities that could be very interesting as the drunken guests let loose and the alcohol take over and they display drunken behaviours which can actually be quite embarrassing for the bride and groom and their guests.

A few days after the wedding, it is time to get a quick preview of the photographs that have been taken on the wedding day. It is often a tense and exciting time as the bride and groom are really excited at seeing the wedding pictures but also there is the anxiety that the pictures may not actually capture the important moments of their special day. The pictures may show poor angles of the bride and grooms features which are not great. They may have to depend on the pictures taken by family and friends that may help save their wedding memory by providing important pictures they took on their special day.

Most of the time, the pictures often turn out very well and depending on whether it is presented in large photo prints arranged in albums or presented as snapshots in a folder accompanied with music on a USB stick. The presentation of the pictures are all all discussions that the bride and groom would have discussed with the photographer at the start when the contract is being negotiated.

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