Excitement of getting Engaged

Getting engaged is a very important decision in a couple’s life and it  can be one of the most exciting event in the course of their life together. The excitement is often greater when the couple have been dating for a long time and then an unexpected proposal comes and the groom asks the bride to marry him.

After an engagement, there is often a hectic period of excitement where the engaged couple have to make decisions on how long the engagement would be and what type of wedding they would like to have. There is the task of telling family and friends about their happy news and they could even have an engagement party to celebrate their good news.

For most brides-to-be, planning for their wedding day often starts immediately after the engagement announcement and the celebrations that follow that. This often involves planning the type of wedding that they want to have and this involves finding a wedding venue or church venue for the marriage ceremony, a hall to hire for the wedding breakfast or wedding reception. Finding the right venue for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception is often an a tedious task which requires a perseverance and you often get the best deals if you are able to negotiate an early deal for the venues early in the planning process.

Finding a wedding dress and dresses for the bridal team is a major task for the bride and her team. Again this requires a lot of regular visits to different wedding shops trying on different dresses and taking measurements to make sure that the wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses are perfect fits for the team.

As there is often a lot of activities during the engagement period, it is important that the bride does get too focused and carried away by the wedding planning process to the extent that the partner feels neglected. This could lead to lots of distractions and the engaged couple could find that their relationship could become strained and they may even drift apart due to not spending enough quality time together.

Conflicts could also arise during this planning period between the engaged couple due to disagreements in the decisions made by the bride and groom or their families. The disagreements could about the number of wedding invitations that each family will get or about the type of food to be served in the reception and the prominent roles that different members of the family will play on the wedding day.

Another point of conflict is often the financing of the wedding. How is the huge cost of financing the wedding going to be shared between the bride and groom and their respective families? There has to be discussions between the bride and groom and their families to come to an early agreement on how the wedding will be financed. For many families, financing the wedding is not a major problem either because the bride and groom have been saving for many years for their wedding or they come from wealthy families that can easily assist to fund the wedding.

Once a couple get’s engaged, there is often a sharper focus on their relationships and for some couples, this is a time to actually look carefully at the behaviour and character flaws of their partner and often they might find character flaws that they never really noticed before and this may serve as warnings and alarm bells as to how their partner may behave during their married life. For some couples this might lead to the break down of their engagement and all the long term planning for their wedding.

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