Wedding Accessories

Accessories play an important role in enhancing the elegance of the wedding dress you wear on your wedding day. Choosing the right accessories can be quite a tricky and complex decision as this often depends on the dress you choose to wear and the image you want to create on your wedding day.

Do you want to create a very tradition look and look like a traditional bride wearing fresh water pearl necklace and pearl earrings as jewellery. You can wear a beautiful head dress tiara made of fresh water pearls and  clear rhinestones. You can complete your outfit by wearing beautiful shoes with drops of pearls and your clutch handbag can be decorated with pearl drops all over.

You can choose to create a classical look by using a beautiful white gold chain with a lovely pearl pendant to complement your wedding dress, especially if your dress has drops of pearls attached to it. You could complement the neck chain with pearl drop earrings or drop white gold earrings. You could also wear a beautiful silver bracelet to complete your outfit on you special day.

Other accessories that also need to be considered is what sort of shoes you are going to wear? As you will be standing and walking around greeting your guests on your wedding day, do you wear comfortable shoes that have very short heels or flat heels comfortable for walking or do you wear high heeled shoes that you can wear for the formal wedding ceremony after which you can change to more comfortable shoe?

Handbags are also an important accessory that a bride carries to give her that confident look. The bag used by brides tend to be quite small to carry very small essential accessories and also tend to match the colour of the bridal dress or the shoes.

Bridal veils form an important part of the bridal image on the wedding day. The bride could choose to have a very long veil that flows down the length of the dress and forms a long train behind the bride. The bride could also choose to have a short veil to create a more chic look or a medium sized veil to complement the wedding dress.

The colour of the veil is also important as it often matches the colour of the wedding dress. It can be cream, while or beige to match the other accessories used by the bride. Many brides use the veil to cover her face when she enters the church or venue where the ceremony will be held so it is important that the veil is striking and helps to complement and enhance the bride’s dress.

As accessories are a very important part of the bride’s dressing on her wedding day, it is critical that the bride finds the right accessories to use on her special day. Why not visit to find the special accessories for your wedding day.







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