Wedding Day Influencer

I love attending weddings of all kinds! Whether it is a typical English wedding where the bride wears a long stylish white dress with a long veil and a head tiara and the marriage solemnization takes place in a church ceremony or a civil wedding ceremony at the registrar’s office, both always have a lot of buzz and excitement which I love. Wedding ceremonies tend to take on the character of the bride and groom but most especially the bride.

This is because the bride plans the wedding to suite her taste and show off her personality and this is often as a result of so many years of dreaming and planning her special day even before she receives a proposition of marriage. It is often amazing to see how the personality of the bride is on display on her wedding day.

From the style of her dress, her head tiara, veil, matching shoes and bags that match the colour scheme that she has chosen for her wedding theme, to the dresses and accessories that the bridal party like the bridesmaids and flower girls are wearing.

There is often an excitement and a buzz in the church hall when the bride walks in on the arm of her father or sponsor and all the guests in the church turn their heads to catch a glimpse of the bride’s dress and that of the bridal party.

The songs, hymns and readings used during the ceremony also reflect the taste and preferences of the bride although the groom may have some input in these choices as well. Going to the wedding reception also reflects the brides character which is reflected here in the decorations of the reception hall and the menu for the wedding breakfast which often reflects her preferences.

Sometimes the groom and his family will have an input in the menu to cater for their specific guests. An example of the bride’s influence on the menu used for the wedding breakfast could be making most of the menu vegan or vegetarian food, which reflects her diet preferences.

Also if the bride and groom do not drink alcohol, they can remove all types of alcoholic drinks from the drinks they serve at the reception. The entertainment and dance music that is played by the hired band or DJ for the evening after wedding party is heavily influenced by the likes and preferences of the bride and groom.

The bride and groom want to let their hair down and have a great night dancing and drinking on their special day. The question is who has the greatest influence on the wedding day?

I would say it is the bride as it is her special day. Visit: to see how you can make you wedding day a special day.

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