Wedding Planning

Are you a good planner that ensures all things happen at the right time when you are setting up a project? Does your planning style depend on the type of project that you are preparing for? Does it matter if you are mostly working with colleagues or family members? Like many young girls, you dream of your wedding day as that perfect day in which you will appear as a princess and will be the centre of attention of everyone. It is the day in which your dreams of marrying your handsome prince comes to pass and you both ride away on a white horse into the sunset. However planning your wedding day requires the unique ability to co-ordinate all the activities that ensures that you have that perfect day that you have dreamed of. You need to know what type of wedding dress you want to wear and what image you want to create on your special day. As it is your special day, you want to look your very best and wear the best wedding dress and use the best accessories that you can get. However, spending on your dress and wedding accessories should be as lavish as possible but it is often constrained by the budget that you have set for this purpose. It is important that you set a budget that is affordable within the context of the overall funds you have to fund your entire wedding. You need to choose your bridal party and this could be a mixture of family and friends. It is sometimes fraught with difficulties because you want to ensure that you choose the right team and you try to please family and friends which can be very difficult. Choosing the clothes for your bridal party is also another hurdle that you have to overcome and this is particularly true because the ladies in your bridal party are different shapes and sizes. It is often difficult to find the right sizes in the particular dresses that you want for your bridal party. Deciding on who to invite to your wedding is also another very important activity that requires careful planning discussions with your partner, close family and friends to make sure that the right number of people are invited from both sides of the family. This is often guided by how much budget you have set for your wedding reception and gifts as you want to control this critical party of the budget cost. There is more planning involved when deciding on the type of wedding ceremony that you want to have. Whether it is just a civil ceremony with close family and friends or you want to have a traditional wedding ceremony, where there is a lot of planning involved and this includes choosing the church where the ceremony will be held, readings and songs you want to use in the ceremony. Then there is choosing the venue for the wedding reception or wedding breakfast and this is often the highlights of most wedding activities. Choosing the reception venue and choosing the wedding breakfast menu can also be fraught with difficulties as you have to consider whether the hall is big enough for your guests and whether the menu provided is what you like and within your budget. To get the best value for money for your choices, you should be prepared to make a lot of visits to different wedding reception venues and do a lot of wine and meal tasting to ensure that you get the best venue and food menu for your special day. Do not forget the evening party on the wedding day as this is the time to let your hair down after all the formality of the day and enjoy dancing with your new husband and drinking champagne with family and friends. You have to choose the type of music you want to dance to; either you have a special band or you choose a good DJ to play your favourite music. You still need to provide some light food like snacks, fish and chips and other finger foods to keep your guests going for dancing the night away enjoying the fabulous day that you have had. How easy is it to plan your wedding day? It is definitely not easy unless you start early to plan the day once you get the engagement ring on your finger. It is never too early to start planning but you can leave it too late if you are not an early planner.

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